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Site goes live Stream 24/7 American made products on the first and only show dedicated to American made goods! We love homemade and home crafted goods. The cottage industry is alive and well and let's spread the word!

Seeking flagship sponsors We are seeking a select few premier flagship sponsors. Contact us if you would like to help bring back the best American made products to show the world that we still make some of the best stuff on earth!

>Welcome to Made In America TV.
Your one stop shop for everything Made In America. The only 100% 24/7 Shopping Channel focused on American Made Goods. Occupy America! Wood workers Puzzles, Birdhouses, Woodcrafts, etc. Crafters Sewing, Clothes, Drapes, Decorations Manufactures Plastics, Steel, Alumimum fabricators Painters Artists, Portraits, etc. Artists Singers, Bands, Musicians Blacksmiths Ironworks, Fencing, Decorations, etc.
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